Black wrinkle varnish

The wrinkle black varnish is a special kind of varnish that in the past has been a great success, so much to come back into fashion in recent years. The use of this varnish rippled effect was particularly popular in the '80s, in the production and decoration of car dashboards and cameras. Currently this varnish is used for the restoration of cars, motorcycles and some components of their engines, partly because of its properties can mask the defects and strengthen surfaces.

The elegant wrinkle varnish finish is now particularly popular in the field of design. The effect of such a rough varnish is in fact used in the decoration of home accessories, jewelry, watches, glasses and household items. The most commonly used color is black, but on request you can get the tone you want.
Wrinkle black varnish, for a surface-looking wrinkled and crinkled0 Wrinkle black varnish, for a surface-looking wrinkled and crinkled1 Wrinkle black varnish, for a surface-looking wrinkled and crinkled2
Wrinkle black varnish application
Before you start painting the surface is necessary to ensure that the surface is perfectly clean. There should be no trace of the previous paints and, in case of operating on metallic materials, it is mandatory sand carefully the base; on other types of surfaces, however, may prove necessary, the application of a primer.

You can get a satisfactory wrinkling effect only by the use of an airbrush, since the composition of the varnish is solvent based; the application of the product is still very simple, and allows to adjust the size of the ripples applying a quantity of material proportional to the effect that is desired. In general, however, it is advisable to apply a coat of varnish of 300 microns thick. As for the gun, it is recommended to use a nozzle with a diameter of between 1.8 and 2.5 mm, and exert a pressure of 3-4 Atm.

Once the application has terminated, to obtain the typical ripple effect is necessary to let the varnish to dry for about 20 minutes at a temperature of 80°C by the use of an oven or infrared lamps. This step is crucial and should not be underestimated, since a wrong temperature would not lead in any way to achieve the desired result. Leaving to dry at room temperature, in fact, the surface would be smooth, while at a high temperature - but still less than 80°C - you would get an intermediate result, and therefore unsatisfactory.

You can dry the varnish wrinkle even within ovens that reach very high temperatures (110°-130° C ).
For surfaces with fine
If you want to donate to a surface look choppy and elegant, we at Cromas can help you achieve your goal. The wrinkle black varnish is one of the most popular products because of its wide use and pleasant texture that gives the treated surfaces.

Its unique composition gives the product also excellent anti-slip properties, characteristics for which the wrinkle varnish is often used in the production of equipment for the marine industry.