Electroconductive varnish

Industrial electroconductive varnish, graphite based
In order to respond to requests of different companies and craftsmen, architects for murals environments, we have studied the conductive varnish.
Conductive varnish, graphite based concentrated in a special formulation that does not isolate the graphite particles. The same graphite is milled at room temperature and not at cold to avoid forms which make the surface unattractive. The product is available in solvent-based (for industrial and artisanal use), and water-based (wall use).
Vernice elettroconduttiva industriale, vernice che conduce elettricit´┐Ż0
These varnishes are used mainly for download electrostatic or temporary charges from purely insulating substrates, such as wood or plastic.
The use of mural electroconductive varnish are various, usually to create shields for electrostatic charges or electromagnetic fields.
The color of these varnishes is essentially black due to the high concentration of graphite.
Our conductive varnishes are compliant to RoHS (for use in electronic equipment) and subsequent amendments to the Directive.
Unfortunately we are not able to provide further details for the use of these varnishes, as most of the professional users performing different operations and assess their conductivity often without providing details. The conductivity of these varnishes is difficult to assess, depends essentially on the dried varnish layer in terms of thickness and three-dimensionality (like a cable) and the method of application (spray, roller, brush).
To increase the conductivity is always possible to apply multiple layers of varnish.
If the artifact must have resistances as a lacquered normal surface is required overcoat with a varnish that meets the strength requirements.

In order to permit evaluation of the effect and for small surfaces a test kit of the product is available, for information please do not hesitate to contact us.
The effect can be layed-on:
- wood
- metal (iron, aluminium, brass etc ...)
- plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc ...)
- glass