Elastic varnish

Flexible elastic varnish for plastic materials
Unlike other elastic varnishes of our company this varnish is protective and aesthetics, formulated with highest quality resins that can resist even outdoor and weatherproof.
Depending on the elasticity of the substrate painted, the painted surfaces can be twisted and twisted without cracks of the varnish. The varnish is usually proposed as a glossy finish, for industrial quantities is also possible to propose opaque finishes. For these applications it is necessary to contact the technical staff.
The Cromas' flexible varnish is based on polyurethane resins with high functionality to solvent, crosslinked with hardeners based on aliphatic isocyanates pure. The yellowing resistance is good.

Elastic flexible varnish0
For internal use elastic varnish is also available with a touch rubbery (soft touch) and slip (grip) too.
The most common uses of these varnishes are: painting of flexible polyurethane, elastic PVC, soles, shoes, leather, coagulated (faux leather), fashion bags and plastic materials.
Note that like all varnishes can not be applied on silicon even if washed with special detergent anti-silicon.

In order to permit evaluation of the effect and for small surfaces a test kit of the product is available, for information please do not hesitate to contact us.
The effect can be layed-on:
- wood
- metal (iron, aluminium, brass etc ...)
- plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc ...)
- glass