The special varnishes are varnishes that allow to give the supports on which they are layed on some special properties to view, touch or technical properties or resistance. Special varnishes are also considered electroconductive varnishes, opaque enamels, high-strength varnishes with high elasticity and resistance to twisting and bending. The "decorative" look of the special varnishes remains the most important and researched appearance and is the focus of our products.
Latest news about special varnishes from Cromas R&D Lab:
Corten effect varnishes for handles

The corten effect varnish made by the R&S Cromas laboratory leads to a really surprising level of realism of the surfaces.
In these pictures you can see the handles in zamak and the related elements painted with the corten effect. Details are to show the "close" aspect of the varnishing. (Read all the article...)
Black wrinkle varnish

The wrinkle black varnish is a special kind of varnish that in the past has been a great success, so much to come back into fashion in recent years. The use of this varnish rippled effect was particularly popular in the '80s, in the production and decoration of car dashboards and cameras. Currently this varnish is used for the restoration of cars, motorcycles and some components of their engines, partly because of its properties can mask the defects and strengthen surfaces. (Read all the article...)